Sandwich elements with mineral wool insulation core

Sandwich elements with mineral wool core (MiWo) offer numerous advantages in terms of safety as well as economy and create absolute design freedom. Due to their fire resistance, spreading to adjacent sections can be prevented in the event of a fire. MiWo sandwich elements are therefore ideal for construction projects with high fire protection requirements. 

In addition, MiWo sandwich elements have the advantage that they make optimum use of the available space and, thanks to the non-combustible exterior wall structures, distances to neighboring properties can be reduced. This is a clear advantage with regard to the utilization and usability of existing space.

Another plus point is the design of our elements. Thanks to identical geometry and joint design, MiWo and PU elements can be optimally combined with each other so that a homogeneous appearance can be created throughout. 

Convincing advantages

  • Non-combustible
  • Fire resistance El 60 resp. El 90 
  • General design approval (aBG-Z-10.49-856)
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • High quality coatings
  • Ideal complement to our building elements with PU foam
Wall elements - visible fastening (aBG-Z-0.49-856)
Profile designationElement thickness (mm)WeightU-value incl. ΨU-value
 d (mm)kg/sqmW/sqm KW/sqm K
SIM W 60 SB6015,30,680,64
SIM W 80 SB8017,30,500,49
SIM W 100 SB10019,30,400,40
SIM W 120 SB12021,30,340,33
SIM W 140 SB14023,30,290,29
SIM W 160 SB16025,30,260,25
SIM W 170 SB17026,30,240,24
SIM W 180 SB18027,30,230,23
Wall elements - concealed fastening (aBG-Z-0.49-856)
Profile designationElement thickness (mm)WeightU-value incl. ΨU-value
 d (mm)kg/sqmW/sqm KW/sqm K
SIM W 60 VB6016,00,680,64
SIM W 80 VB8018,00,510,49
SIM W 100 VB10020,00,410,40
SIM W 120 VB12022,00,340,33
SIM W 140 VB14024,00,300,29
Standard sheet thicknessesPossible sheet thicknesses