Optimize your roof and wall construction according to the respective stress in the interior and exterior. The properties of our construction elements can be optimally adapted to their subsequent use by means of different organic coatings, such as synthetic resin stoving enamels, plastic dispersions or decorative foils.

SP base

As a standard coating, FolaSal® polyester offers a balance of surface hardness, weathering stability and color versatility for indoor and outdoor use.

HDP base

The gap between polyester and PVDF in UV and weathering resistance is closed by the newly developed HDP coating.

PVDF base

FolaSal® PVDF is one of the highest quality coating systems and is suitable for outdoor use worldwide. It has excellent properties in UV and weather resistance.

PVC base

Extreme resistance due to high layer thicknesses and textured surfaces characterize this coating.


FolaSal® egis® has excellent corrosion resistance, very good UV resistance and good forming properties. It is suitable for outdoor use in corrosivity category C4.


FolaSal® Kensington® has a particularly aesthetic appearance due to its special surface texture and is characterized by its scratch and wear resistance.

Coating systems

Overview tables coatings

* comparing the different coatings to each other
** based on DIN EN 10169
*** for special requirements regarding corrosion protection and abrasion, UV and weather resistance, PVDF is also available as a 3-layer system.
Structure2-layer system2-layer system2-layer system
org. CoatingPolyesterPolyvinylidene FluorideHigh Durable Polymer
Coating thickness (μm)252525
Corrosion protection classIIIIIIIII
Heat resistance,
short term max. °C
Abrasion resistance */**normalgoodnormal
UV resistancenormalexcellentgood
Weather resistancegoodvery goodgood
Range of applicationexteriorexteriorexterior
* comparing the different coatings to each other
** based on DIN EN 10169
Structure2-layer system2-layer system2-layer system
org. CoatingPolyvinyl chloridePolyurethanePolyester
Coating thickness (μm)2005035 bis 45
Corrosion protection classIIIIIIIII
Heat resistance,
short-time max. °C
Abrasion resistance */**very goodgood to very goodvery good
UV resistancesufficientvery goodgood to very good
Weather resistancesufficientsufficientgood to very good
Application rangeexteriorexteriorexterior

Note: Information for use near the sea or under increased atmospheric stress is available on request.

Condensate storage coating

FALK Salzgitter GmbH provides effective moisture protection for exterior metal structures enclosing rooms by means of a condensate storage coating (fleece coating).

In a certain indoor climate with a corresponding indoor temperature ti and a different outdoor temperature ta, there is a risk of condensation forming on metal roofs and walls without thermal insulation or with insufficient thermal insulation. This applies in particular to single-shell constructions of water-bearing shells.

Damage caused by dripping condensate to the structure and stored goods can be reduced to a minimum by a fleece coating and careful planning and execution. In order to avoid a so-called wicking effect as well as further damage, the following design details must be observed:

  • In transverse joint areas of trapezoidal sheets, the fleece coating on the underside of the sheet above must be removed.
  • Adequate ventilation must always be ensured by design.

In the eaves area, the fleece coating must be removed over a length of 100 mm across the entire construction width of the profile or sealed accordingly with capillary-blocking materials.

For further information, the following PDF files are available for download:

Condensate storage tank 1   Condensate storage tank 2   Condensate storage tank 3

Sound attenuation

To reduce the noise level in workrooms or to improve speech intelligibility, the reverberation time of a room must be reduced. For this purpose, perforated acoustic elements can be backed with sound-absorbing acoustic fleece. The absorption coefficients measured according to EN ISO 354 range between approx. 0.2 and 0.7 depending on the frequency.

On the other hand, visco-elastic coatings are required to reduce the sound radiation of rain noise to the outside (e.g. in single-skin trapezoidal sheet metal roofs).

For more detailed information, please contact us.


Building elements made of FolaSal® for roofs and walls combine effective corrosion protection with an attractive appearance. The individual combination of different colorings enables the realisation of distinctive roof and facade constructions.

We strike your tone

Based on the RAL color card system, you can choose your individual color tone from 99 current shades offered by FALK Salzgitter GmbH. Please note that the colors shown in the table are for orientation purposes only, as a binding reproduction of the original RAL color shades is not technically possible.

For information on availability from stock, please contact our sales staff.

The respective coatings can be found in the list and of course special colors, for example according to the NCS colour chart, are also possible on request.

For an exact color match with regard to individual color perception, color rendering of metallic surfaces or matching with existing, otherwise colored products, please request a corresponding sample.

For technical reasons, color uniformity cannot be guaranteed for coatings ≤ 15 my.

Color table / RAL

Please note that the colors shown here in the table are for orientation purposes only, as a binding reproduction of the original RAL color shades is not technically possible at this point. For an exact color match, please request a corresponding product sample via our contact page.

Further colors are available for the various coating systems. Please request material and color samples separately.

Light ivory

approx. RAL 1015

Light gray

approx. RAL 7035

Gray white

approx. RAL 9002

Pure white

approx. RAL 9010

Fire red

approx. RAL 3000

Oxide red

approx. RAL 3009

Copper brown

approx. RAL 8004

Red brown

approx. RAL 8012

White aluminum

approx. RAL 9006

Gray aluminum

approx. RAL 9007

Dust gray

approx. RAL 7037

Anthracite gray

approx. RAL 7016

Gentian blue

approx. RAL 5010

Chromium oxide green

approx. RAL 6020

As a standard coating system, we keep these colors in stock in 25 ym polyester lacquers. This allows long protection times to be achieved with moderate corrosivity (C3 according to DIN EN 12944-2).

Product key
D Roof
SB Visible fastening
VB Concealed fastening