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As a full-range supplier of steel construction elements, we take on a responsible role. With state-of-the-art facilities, high-quality products and individual capabilities, we offer our customers a reliable all-round service.

Efficient planning

A construction project must be planned in detail. In addition to statics and safety of the materials to be used, this also includes, for example, professional transport.

Construction elements of the highest quality

Trapezoidal profiles, cassette profiles, sandwich elements - FALK Salzgitter GmbH offers you first-class steel products of the highest quality. 

What is special about us is that our products combine the strength and stability of steel while being protected against corrosion by special plastic coatings.

In addition to first-class product quality, FALK Salzgitter GmbH stands for the best advice and optimal implementation of your requirements. It is important to us to work closely with architects and planners in order to meet your needs to your complete satisfaction. Please feel free to contact us directly via our contact form or by phone. We will be happy to help you.

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Trapezoidal profiles, cassette profiles, sandwich elements – FALK Salzgitter GmbH offers you first-class steel products of the highest quality. 

Sandwich elements with polyurethane insulation core

Our thermal composites have a core of HCFC-free polyurethane and, in addition to a sophisticated appearance, offer maximum heat/cold insulation, impermeability and corrosion protection.

Trapezoidal steel profiles

Our trapezoidal profiles are made of the versatile composite materials of the FolaSal® family. They combine high stability with the decorative properties of organic coatings.

Sandwich elements with mineral wool insulation core

Sandwich elements with mineral wool core are non-combustible and convince with their excellent thermal insulation properties. They are the ideal complement for building elements with PU foam.

Steel cassette profiles

With FolSal® cassette profiles, economical construction methods can be implemented above all. They have a low weight and at the same time convince with a high static load capacity.

All the facts about building with steel

Learn all about our high-quality products and what distinguishes our product portfolio.

What fastening options are available for sandwich elements?

Sandwich elements can be joined either with visible or concealed fastenings. The classic joint for sandwich wall elements with visible fastening is characterized by the robust design and the choice of high-quality sealing tapes. The narrow joint characterizes the high-quality appearance of SIP components with concealed fastening.

What are the soundproofing properties of steel building elements?

The field of sound insulation includes room acoustics as well as building acoustics. Room acoustics measures serve to reduce the reverberation time. Under the room acoustics sound insulation is to reduce the transmission of airborne and structure-borne sound. Depending on the insulation material, sheet thickness, construction and the proportion of perforated surfaces, sound insulation values of up to 50 dB are possible.

Are assembly instructions and CAD drawings available for download?

Please take a look at our download area. There you will find all the relevant documents you need for assembly.

What are the minimum requirements for transport vehicles?

There are certain minimum requirements for transport vehicles, which you can view here. Basically, low loaders, vehicles unfit for traffic and vehicles unsuitable for the load are rejected.