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Your contact persons

Location Salzgitter

Picture of Sebastian Grett

Sebastian Grett

Head of technical customer service
Picture of André Lorenz

André Lorenz

Head of Quality Assurance

Regional Offices

Picture of Christiane Weber

Christiane Weber

Salzgitter regional office
Picture of Sylke Schirowski

Sylke Schirowski

Salzgitter regional office
Picture of Caroline Lange

Caroline Lange

Salzgitter regional office
Picture of Sven Schumann

Sven Schumann

Export Office Salzgitter
Picture of Dirk Staub

Dirk Staub

Hamburg regional office
Picture of Alexander Barthelmes

Alexander Barthelmes

Gladbeck regional office
Picture of Jörg Gaida

Jörg Gaida

Zossen regional office
Picture of Ralf-Peter Fischer

Ralf-Peter Fischer

Gladbeck regional office
Picture of Sabine Müller-Kannenberg

Sabine Müller-Kannenberg

Gladbeck regional office

Order management

Picture of Kerstin Schober

Kerstin Schober

Team leader
Picture of Daniela Borgwardt

Daniela Borgwardt

Order management
Picture of Diana Gebauer

Diana Gebauer

Order management
Picture of Andrea Güldenpenning

Andrea Güldenpenning

Order management
Picture of Marlene Klapper

Marlene Klapper

Order management


Picture of Andreas Wittwer

Andreas Wittwer

Picture of Edith Ediger

Edith Ediger